The benefits of upgrading to UPVC fascias and soffits across Billericay

In years gone by, the fascias and soffits of most properties in Billericay would have been made from wood. While this was the best material at the time, it has a number of drawbacks.

For example, in the face of adverse weather conditions, wooden fascias and soffits have a tendency to rot and corrode. Not only can this cause structural damage to your property, it is also an open invitation for insects and rodents. When combined with peeling paintwork, wooden fascias and soffits don’t look very appealing either.

Thankfully, UPVC fascias can solve these problems and bring about a number of additional benefits too. Here with a look at why you should consider upgrading is Essex-based Acorn Roofing Supplies, distributing UPVC fascias to Billericay, Southend, Rayleigh, Basildon and several other locations across the county.

UPVC Fascias

Along with supporting the bottom edge of a property’s roof tiles, fascia boards also conceal and protect the ends of the roof rafter. Available in a range of colours and styles, fascias also keep out birds and vermin while helping to prevent weather damage to the roof.

The biggest benefits of upgrading to UPVC fascias include:

• Maintenance free – Fascias do not require much upkeep except for an occasional clean when emptying clogged guttering.
• Aesthetically pleasing – The clean and crisp nature of UPVC fascias will noticeably improve the appearance of your property.
• Increase value – If you ever decide to sell your property, potential buyers should be willing to pay more if it features UPVC fascias.
• Extremely durable – Commonly used in the manufacturer of doors and windows, UPVC is an incredibly hardwearing material that will stand the test of time.

If you do decide to upgrade to UPVC fascias, it is essential that existing wooden ones be removed first. Simply covering rotten fascias will mask the problem and could lead to further damage. Although cheaper, it could cost you more money in the long run too.

UPVC Soffits

In order to keep a property’s rafters dry and secure, soffit boards are attached to the underside of the roofline assembly. Soffits also offer extra loft ventilation and work to avoid a build up of moisture in the roof, which can cause structural damage because of rotting timber joists and eaves.

The biggest benefits of upgrading to UPVC soffits include:

• Maintenance free – Just like fascias made from the same material, UPVC soffits need little aftercare.
• Long life span – Unlike wood, you probably won’t have to change UPVC soffits due to the material’s resilience.
• Numerous options – To match the look and feel of your property, soffits are available in a range of colours, realistic wood grain finishes and traditional plain or tongue and groove.
• Eco-friendly – Due to the protection UPVC soffits afford, you can reduce your heating bills and help the environment.

Even though competent DIY enthusiasts in Billericay, with access to the right tools and equipment, such as scaffolding can attempt fascia and soffit upgrades, most people will need to enlist the services of a professional for this job.