Everything you need to know about UPVC Fascias, Soffits, and Guttering in Basildon

They may not be the first thing you think about when carrying out home improvements in Basildon, but changing your fascias, soffits and guttering can make a huge amount of difference to the look and feel of any property. Furthermore, they can help protect your roof and walls, prevent damp and water damage, while also keeping pests at bay.

However, unless you are a professional in this field like Acorn Roofing Supplies, who specialise in UPVC fascias across Basildon, Billericay, Southend and Rayleigh, you probably don’t know what these separate components do or why they might need replacing. So, with this in mind, here is everything you need to know about facias, soffits, and guttering.

The different components on your roof

Although every home is different, most domestic properties will feature the following:

• Fascia boards – These protect and seal the rafter feet to prevent them from rotting, which can move up into your roof. Fascia boards also support roof tiles and are a fixing point for the guttering.
• Soffit boards – These run across the underside of your roofline in order to protect the underside of the rafter feet. The core is lightweight but a highly polished surface acts as a seal to water damage.
• Guttering – This collects rainwater and sends it down into drainpipes. To lead rainwater in the right direction, guttering needs to be levelled and aligned accordingly.
• Downpipes – These carry rainwater into the drains and are typically screwed into a property’s brickwork.
• Bargeboard – In addition to sealing the end rafters and the verge, bargeboards provide a decorate finish to the gable end of your home.
• Box end – This forms a link between the fascia and the bargeboard on gable ends. Box ends are for decorative purposes but also ensure the roofline remains moisture resistant.

Why your UPVC facias, soffits, and guttering in Basildon might need replacing

• Peeling paintwork – With wooden fascia boards that are typically installed on buildings over 20 years old, paintwork can start to peel due to the weather. Although you can sand and re-paint the affected area, it is better to replace with a UPVC alternative.
• Rot and damp – More serious than the cosmetic paintwork, rotten and damp fascias need to be dealt with quickly, as the problem can spread and cause significant damage.
• Leaking gutters – If you haven’t cleaned your guttering for a while, it can develop a leak quite easily, as things like leaves and other debris cause pools of water to freeze and expand.
• Birds nests – You should always seek professional help before interfering with a bird’s nest in your rafters or chimney, as protected species need to be handled with care.
• Infestations – The small damp spaces in your guttering makes a great home for several pests, while insects and rodents will soon take advantage of any rotting fascias.
• Asbestos – Not a problem in newer properties, but houses built before the year 2000 could still contain asbestos, which if disturbed can release deadly fibres into the air that have been known to cause serious lung problems.

For more information about UPVC fascias, soffits, and guttering across Basildon or further afield in Essex, be sure to contact Acorn Roofing Supplies.