UPVC fascias Westcliff

If you want to buy UPVC fascias in the Westcliff area, look no further than Acorn Roofing Supplies. We are an established and local family business with more than 25 years of good experience supplying building and roofing materials across the whole of Essex.

About fascias and soffits

A common feature on almost all types of property, fascia boards support the first course of roof tiles and are fitted over the end of the rafters. Along with protecting your home against the elements, fascia boards can improve the aesthetics of a property too.

Soffit boards on the other hand are fitted to the underside of overhanging eaves between the fascias and house wall. Also used for protection, soffits can be ventilated to allow a flow of air into the roof area, reducing the chances of condensation and timber decay.

Reasons to upgrade to UPVC fascias and soffits

With the vast majority of buildings over 20 years old, the fascias and soffits will most likely be made out of wood. Although this was the best material at the time, wood tends to rot and deteriorate due to adverse weather conditions. This means fascias and soffits don’t do their job as effectively and can look rather unattractive too, especially if the paint starts to peel.

But due to its hardwearing and durable nature, UPVC will stand the test of time. What’s more, fascias and soffits made from this material will always look great and are available in a range of colours and finishes to match the overall look of your property in Westcliff.

Additional advantages of UPVC

As opposed to wooden fascias and soffits, UPVC alternatives require little to no maintenance except for an occasional wash every now and again. The clean and crisp appearance of these fascias can also add value to your property as well.

Then there are the environmental benefits. UPVC is 100 per cent recyclable and can be used many times. Seeing as you won’t be using any wood, there is no need to chop down trees unnecessarily either!

Replacing your old fascias and soffits

Most people will need professional help to replace their fascias and soffits due to the equipment and expertise required. But if you do intend on tackling this job yourself, remember to take the necessary safety precautions such as erecting scaffolding.

However, in both cases it is highly recommended to replace your fascias and soffits completely instead of simply ‘capping’ onto an old and deteriorated wooden surface.

More about Acorn Roofing Supplies

In addition to UPVC fascias and soffits, Acorn Roofing Supplies can also provide you with everything you need in Westcliff to get the job done, from tiles and timbers to felts and fixings. We know what the best materials are to help you get the job done thanks to our breadth of industry experience.

It has taken Acorn Roofing Supplies many years to get where we are today through hard graft and a determination to serve our clients as best we can. To find out how our experience and expertise can be of assistance to you, call today on 01268 728138.